Feb 12, 2008

A Good Muay Thai Kicking Drill - Front Push (Teep) Kick to Knee

This kicking drill is just plain excellent for teaching good footwork and timing.
You start out with a simple teep kick, imagining you're hitting the midsection of an incoming opponent, and using the swinging back movement to visualize the opponent basing out and moving forward again, you catch it with a knee.

Rob Karman shows it here:

Now, it's expected that you have a partner to steady the bag, but if you're one of those guys that like to train alone, don't fret- there are variations to the drill. (Though some will teach you different skill sets) Here, I made up two:

1) Do it normally, and perform a forward jumping knee to catch the bag. Similar to normal drill but with delayed timing, and will work on your explosiveness overall.

2) Move back and forth around the bag from further out, do the teep, but instead of hitting the bag, have the kicking leg land right in front of it, clinch the bag, and immediately go for a hard knee. This won't do much for your teep, but will work on your ability to gauge distance.

I've done the 2nd one many times- If you guys want to elaborate on better versions of the one-man version, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Training

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