Feb 9, 2008

Good training material: takedowns from on-knee starts

Most grappling schools have sparring sessions where they start on the knees-
The Submissions101 guys show a handful of handy starting takedowns from the on-knee start.

I know that some people think it's stupid, but here are my reasons as to why it's not:

Considering that a lot of people who start their grappling experience with BJJ have trouble with their throws and takedowns, the on-knee position gives very good experience that transitions well into learning proper judo or wrestling.

Not everyone has the opportunity to practice on good, thick mats- the on-knee start will prevent injury as well as be a little more resistance-oriented than always starting in a predetermined position.

I don't know about you guys, but getting thrown, and throwing people cuts my ability to train by a significant amount.

Notice how I did not say that starting on the knees was the most realistic way to practice, but it sure has it's advantages.

The point is, you should train standing, on-knee, and in a predetermined position, without leaving any out, as each one has it's advantages in learning how to grapple.

Happy training.

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