Feb 25, 2008

Slo-Mo of UFC 81 Tim Sylvia vs. Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira

Found something to stop the commotion of whether or not Nogueira's finishing takedown at UFC 81 against Sylvia was intentional or not. The video below shows what happens, step by step... you'd be surprised at all the details you would have missed if it was playing in real-time.


@ :10 - Definitely a half-guard pull. People have argued that he was going for some other takedown, and just slipped, but that looks pretty intentional to me.

Before :42 - Waiting out for the left leg to get the simple half-guard sweep.

@ :42 - Sylvia basically just gives him the leg in an attempt to pull out of Nogueira's half-guard. Of course, textbook sweep comes. The beginning of the end.

@ :49 - Big Nog pulls out of half-guard top to side mount.

@ 1:05 - While Nogueria tries going for what I assume was an attempt to either move to NS positon or for an opposite-arm armbar, Sylvia scrambles to get up.

@ 1:10 - Minotauro moves with him, locks in the closed-guard gulliotine. GG.

Yeah, there was a lot more going on in the closing moments of the fight on Noguiera's side than I originally thought. Hopefully this closes any argument about the win. I'm glad I found this.


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