Feb 26, 2008

Very Old Footage: Gracies vs. Karate

Carlos, Relson, Rorion, and Rolls Gracie, along with 2 of their students, take on all comers in this old-school footage from 1975 of fights against the Karate masters of South America.


Fun video. I'm not sure, but it might be narrated by Rorion.

That footage reminds me of what my last 2 'challenge' sparring sessions looked like. Clinch, takedown to side mount scramble, mount, submission. Hooray for the majority of people who still like to ignore groundfighting! :)


KarateFighter said...

KarateFighter {"KF") on "...Gracies vs. Karate"

KF, as one might expect, has a different take on this video of the proposed superiority of grappling over striking arts.

KF's karate style has grappling, but is light on emphasis. Mostly self-defense escapes / throws--zero ground fighting.

Certainly the lesson no one can argue with is that you don't want to end up on the receiving end of Ground & Pound! We've all seen the results of that in MMA.

However, the proposition that a grappler can 'close-the-distance' unscathed on a bona-fide karate fighter is a myth.

KF's traditional style, Tang Soo Do (TSD), does not speak in the distancing /timing terms used here. The success lies in that we are taught to position & strike the target.

Rushing in on a capable TSD stylist exposes several vulnerable targets. In any TSD free-sparring match, Grapplers moving within range, unlike their experience here against these 'karate fighters,' can count on getting whacked good, likely more than once.

Rushing in on a capable, traditional karate fighter is pretty much suicide. You don't always die from the 1st attempt, but KF wouldn't advise to keep trying it.


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