Mar 13, 2008

Flash Point - Donnie Yen Fight Scenes

I was inspired to put these videos up after seeing a LA Times article on the upcoming stream of MMA films- the one that caught my eye was Donnie Yen's "Flash Point," not because it had authentic and realistic MMA fight scenes, but because it showed that even Kung Fu film legend Donnie Yen believes that the wire-fu days are almost over, even in Chinese films (He actually said that, I'm not putting words into his mouth). I'm not going to lie, most of these fight scenes aren't much less exaggerated than the wire-fu ones, but it is interesting. I never thought I'd see the day with a Chinese action film having the main character using armbars, triangles, looping hooks, double legs, and suplexes.

On a side note, who the hell runs around shooting with a sniper rifle? What is this, Counter-Strike? OMGHAX.

The 8-minute Final Fight

Shorter Fight Scene with Donnie Doing a Suplex

The Trailer

I think I'm going to find this movie now and watch it.

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