Mar 6, 2008

George St. Pierre vs. Karo Parisyan (Download)

You know, when most MMA fans hear GSP or Karo Parisyan's name now, you automatically think- "main attraction," or "card headliners." But at UFC 46, they were on the prelims. It was George St. Pierre's UFC debut, and he fought against Judo's MMA posterboy, Karo Parisyan.

Download Here:

You know, Joe Rogan is obnoxious at times... just in case you guys didn't know that already. I can only take so much of praising the guy who is losing.

But regardless, great fight, and download it- It's not the easiest MMA match to find online.

*Spoiler* GSP by Unanimous Decision.


On an unrelated note, I've gotten addicted to

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