Mar 31, 2008

Human Weapon MMA Episode: Jason Chambers vs Conor Huen

A fight scene from one of the more entertaining episodes from "Human Weapon"- Jason Chambers vs. Conor Huen of the IFL. Why was this great? You get to see Jason execute a perfect Twister. I bet Eddie Bravo had his "O face" on watching this particular episode.

Yeah, this series started from "watchable" and devolved into just plain terrible. But that doesn't mean a few episodes weren't entertaining.

The biggest difference between Human Weapon and Fight Quest is that the guys on Fight Quest will at least subtly let you know that they think a particular aspect of a martial art is silly, but on Human Weapon, they try to take everything face-value and seriously. Also, when they did the ninjitsu and kung fu episodes, those were really just plain embarrassing to watch. They really made kung fu look terrible. I mean, don't carry a torch for kung fu, but jeez. If I was a Kung fu practitioner, I'd be kind of angry about that episode. Plus, there's no Bill "American Muscle" Duff on FQ.

But I digress: watch the Jason Chambers vs. Conor Huen fight above!

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