Mar 14, 2008

The Omoplatarmbar From Rubber Guard (

This particular technique combining the omoplata and the armbar comes courtesy of, one of the best BJJ blogs out there.

For the technique, click here:

Essentially, this beginnings of this move should seem pretty familiar with anyone who has seen or used the Rubber Guard. It starts out with the usual-

Break Posture, Mission Control, Zombie, New York, Chill Dog... and that's when it starts to deviate from the normal Omoplata attempt from RG- After you stick your foot in your opponent's face to force the action, if he decides to try and post his free arm on your free leg to stall out the omoplata, you can pull that arm toward you and go for an armbar.

And, of course, the best part about it is that if he defends the armbar, you still have the omoplata to fall back on almost immediately.

So check out the move, and the rest of Aesopian's site


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