Mar 23, 2008

Push Sweep From Guard

One of the most basic of reversals, probably right after the scissors sweep, the push sweep relies on breaking down one side of the opponent, disrupting his center of balance.

From Train Fight Win:

To explain how this sweep works, imagine your average 4-legged chair (aka, legs, arms on a person). If you want to topple it over, ideally you want to pick a low fulcrum point and a point of force application far enough away so that you can create a large moment about that fulcrum point, more than the reaction from the 4 points of contact can muster. If you knock out one of those legs, the center of gravity becomes lower, and further away from the point of application, making it easier to use leverage to lift the other side up, effectively toppling the chair. Or person. Whatever.

End of the lesson for today. Happy Training.


PizDoff said...

Sweeps are awesome!

Punch Kick Choke said...

Why yes, yes they are. :)