Mar 7, 2008

Randy Couture - Wrestling for Fighting: the Natural Way Download and Review (Rapidshare)

I just got sent a link today by a friend of mine in my inbox... It was a pleasant surprise: Randy Couture's "Wrestling for Fighting: the Natural Way," which I was looking for online for the longest time.


If you like it, buy it from Amazon-
Wrestling for Fighting: The Natural Way

Now, I can't give a full review but I'll do my best with initial impressions:

Overview: Randy "the Natural" Couture, aka "Captain America" brings us his goodie bag of Wrestling techniques modified for actual fighting/MMA in book form.

Style/Layout: Made by the guys who did the BJ Penn book (Which I have the link for on this blog), it's laid out very well, with multiple angles of the same view so that you can get the details down rather than just the gist of it like many other Martial Arts books.

Covers: Now, here's where I just copy/paste what the contents say-

Wrestling Section:
4 Basic Takedowns
Finishing the High Single
Wrist Control
2-on-1 Control
Underhook Control
Collar Tie
Single Leg

Greco-Roman Section:
Basic Pummeling
Basic Greco Takedowns
Arm Drags
Advanced Greco Takedowns
Headlocks and Armthrows
Defensive Greco Techniques

Wrestling for Fighting Section:
Wrestling to Fighting Stance
Strikes to Double Leg Takedown
Closing the Distance
The Clinch
Cage Tactics
Ground Tactics

Basically, if it has to do with taking the other guy down, this book is nothing short of amazing.

I the planned usage for the book goes something like this for the grapple-tarded:
Learn the tricks from the Fighting section to use the Wrestling section, and if that fails, clinch up and use the Greco section to do so.... and hopefully, you'll be able to finish off the opponent with the last bit of tactics stuck on at the end.

That last sentence sounds a little humorous, you say? Yeah. The Ground Tactics section is actually solid, but the Submissions section is really a joke. How much of a joke? Well, it consists of an Anaconda choke (Alligator) and a Hand-clasp guillotine. No, there's no mistake there. It's TWO submissions tacked on the end of this book. Come on, Randy. Seriously.

BUT! Other than that one gripe, the book is really everything I expected and more- I feel like just even glancing through this book would help in using my clinches and tie-ups to set up for takedowns.

So, as a first glance review:
Detail: 8/10
Submissions: 2/10
Clinch: 9/10
Stand up Striking: 4/10
Ground and Pound: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

In the end, regardless of what a joke the submissions section is, I realize that it is not the point of the book, and that it is, in fact, an excellent read. Download it!

So, once again, "Wrestling For Fighting, by Randy Couture
Download It! CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

Great find, thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

could you send a copy of this torrent of post it on an open torrent site for us poor folk.

Anonymous said...

could you send a copy of this torrent of post it on an open torrent site for us poor folk.

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