Apr 18, 2008

Attacking the Open Guard: Footlock

Footlocks are definitely a BJJ noobie's worst nightmare- a quick-and-easy-move submission from the guy on top.

Today video covers this favorite of no-Gi and Sambo fighters- Attacking the Open Guard with a Footlock:


This move depends on the fact that when you are actively passing someone's guard, most will try to stick their legs close to you in an effort to control you or regain the guard. So what do yo do? Trap & Grab the closest leg and finish the sub.

Happy training, and go slowly with this in training, as with all leg attacks.

I'll try to post tomorrow's fight as soon as I find them. Cheers, and good luck with all your bets :)


Anonymous said...

Thank"s a lot for your Blog, in my country MMA, Grappling , BJJ etc are not very famous so is good to have a blog like yours.

Keep the good work and I"m a natural striker too but I love Grappling and my ground sucks also AHHAHA.

Bye, Could you post something about "Stopping the Guard Pass" please, I have a lot of problems with that.

Bye, Nico-SouthAmerica.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Hey Nico-
Just posted a Double-Underhook pass counter:


Thank you for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Thank"s a lot , I"m going to watch it.