Apr 8, 2008

Combat Sambo: Leg Kick Takedown to Grapevine Kneebar

Here's a Combat Sambo move combination I thought was just made of win- the Leg Kick Takedown (Ouchi Gari) + the Grapevine Kneebar:


The takedown is a little awkward if you haven't done something like that before, but it's essentially a Judo inner leg sweep, just combined with the forward motion of a single-leg. You just really have to commit to it, and you'll get it.

The kneebar, on the other hand, you need to finish immediately, else you will not be able to lock it in. You basically instantly triangle around his ankle, and arch your body to get the kneebar. Now, if you can't get it within the first 2 seconds, ditch it and work on moving to side/full mount.

The kneebar is pretty low-percentage, but the takedown alone makes this move worth trying occasionally. Might I suggest covering up better than the guy in the video when shooting in?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you can get it with an Ouchi Gari, because this is an Kouchi Makekomi.

My BJJ instructor do this with a single leg and it"s work.


Punch Kick Choke said...

Well, heck- looks like I messed up my Judo terminology again.

You'll have to forgive me- I learned Judo with either American or no names, so I tend to mess up a lot, or just lump a category of throws with one name.

But you're absolutely right, that's a Kouch Makekomi, not an Ouchi Gari.

This particular move (the Grapevine) would be pretty hard to pull off following an Ouchi Gari- as a matter of fact, outside of Gi Judo, you're probably just going to fall straight into your opponent's guard right after the takedown, and should be looking to pass instantly, if nothing else.

However, if you do remain standing after the throw, the instant your opponent hits the floor, his legs are probably going to be elevated for a split second or two, so try to grab it with your hands in this case. I've seen some pretty sweet heel hook/kneebar transitions from that kind of situation, so maybe that might work for you.

Once again, sorry about that, and feel free to correct me anytime- it's really appreciated. (I learned something new today)