Apr 30, 2008

Don Richards- Step Over Guard Pass

Here is a great guard pass (modified for MMA)- the Step Over Guard Pass

(Video- actual technique starts about a minute in)


The technique goes like this (Starting from inside the closed guard):

-While maintaining good posture, you pop up and stack your opponent

(Two Options Here)
For MMA- Push down on his chest, and throw a big punch right down the center with the other arm once or twice to pop open the guard.
For Grappling- Give a sudden push straight down on his hips, or wedge open the guard with your elbow.

-While driving your weight toward him, you throw your leg over his head, and while maintaining contact the whole time, you fall into him, sit, and achieve side mount.

I cannot stress enough how important good posture is for this move.

Happy Training

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