Apr 28, 2008

Double Under Guard Pass Counter: Sweep or Taking the Back

By Request: Countering the Double Under Guard Pass- Sweep or Taking the Back


Essentially, as the person who is passing your pass begins to stack you and pass your guard, you create space just for a second by extending your hips, and with that space, you can feed your knee under the near arm of the opponent.

After that, you control him by the wrist/elbow and by the belt (no-Gi/mma option: hook high up on the near leg.

Scissor your legs, sweep.

(Taking the Back)
Against a really good opponent, he may try to just scramble his way around you.

Maintain the grip on the wrist, roll towards him.

Switch to grabbing the opponent's near foot, and now you're in a good position to attempt taking the back.

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