Apr 25, 2008

Eddie Bravo on Rubber Guard Theory

I put this up because I found one of the lines to be very true: "You're not going to learn how to use the rubber guard in the middle of a fight!"


It's pretty true, because, as even Eddie says in the video, people who knock the rubber guard or any other guard are the ones who have never given it more than a few days of practice, decide it's stupid, never practice it again, and when their fight or sparring match comes, they go "oh shit, my other guards aren't working, I better throw up the Rubber Guard," just to have it fail miserably.

He also points out something else that's useful: If it doesn't work for you, practice on a beginner first. That way, you know who can pull it off under resistance, and you can work your way up from there.

So, main points?
Don't knock something just because you can't use it, unless it has been shown that it can't work even when properly utilized.
Use beginners as guinea pigs.

Happy Training

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