Apr 19, 2008

Erik Paulson: 1-2 Bait to Double Leg to GNP & Thai Kick Takedown

Two great techniques here today in one video:
Erik Paulson shows us two different techniques in MMA to take your opponent to the ground, on his back:


Explanation of both techniques:

The 1-2 Bait to Double Leg

When up against someone who has been boxing for a little while, if you hit him, he'll be conditioned to hit you right back after shelling up. This is to take advantage of that response:

1) Hit him with a 1-2 (jab-cross) while he shells up and immediately take a 1/2 step back. This creates enough space for your follow-up takedown.

2) As soon as he comes back with a combination of his own, most likely beginning with a quick jab, slip under (good time to employ the Crazy Monkey shell or the Elbow Destruction... if you don't what those are, search for them on this site below.) and double-leg your opponent.

3) Knee-on-belly/Full mount at this point and start wailing away.

Thai Kick Takedown

Something I've seen Sanda (San Shou) guys use occasionally, actually- you hit the opponent with the jab-inside leg kick combination, and immediately pretend to go for another one. Once again, you take advantage of your opponent's reaction of shelling up and defending the second time around, and your sweep his legs out from under him with a properly placed kick.

1) Jab-Inside leg kick

2) Jab-Switch up your legs, move to the other side

3) Kick-Sweep his rear leg, since he has all of his weight on it from defending.

Well, I hope that was a good description and explanation of both techniques, happy training.

Ps: Also, if anyone finds a stream to tonight's fight before I do, shoot me an email or a comment? Much appreciated.

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