Apr 5, 2008

The Funniest MMA Quotes (www.MMAWiz.com)

I stumbled upon MMAWiz.com, a Mixed Martial Arts news site, and I found a list of the funniest quotes from MMA Fighters- link

It's a pretty big list, so I compiled my personal favorites:

“I don’t want to lick any butt.” – GSP

“I will beat you into a living death” – Ken Shamrock

“90 percent of the game is half mental” – Tim Sylvia

“I only want to be known as the best ever. Is that too much to ask?” – BJ Penn

“Somebodys telling me that about my wife; Im sorry sir im going to have to break your leg.” – Bas Rutten

“I want to f*&k…..fight chuck” – Wanderlei

“That little f*&ker hit me with a Hadukan or something” – Nick Diaz on Gomi

“Well you see, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelts have a blackbelt in…… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” – Joe Rogan

“If Tyson Griffin was a girl, I’d say he has a badonkadonk.” – Joe Rogan

The Whole List - Click HERE

Also, MMAWiz has a nice MMA blog aggregator that you guys can check out:

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Truculent Dad said...

My personal fav:

"I dreamed that I was being raped by Freddy Mercury." -Tank Abbott after being defeated by Dan Severn