Apr 10, 2008

The Guard for MMA - Breaking Posture and the Arm Triangle

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Anyway, a return to basics- defending yourself while in Guard Bottom for MMA


First Drill-

Breaking Posture, Getting Hooks In:
This is one of the most basic but overlooked portions of the MMA ground game- how to minimize damage from the closed guard-

1) Opponent throws overhand from guard.

2) Using your knees, you toss him forward while turning your body away from the punch, throwing his posture off.

3) Swim your arms around opponent to achieve an overhook on the punching arm and head control with your other arm.

Second Drill-

Breaking Posture, Parrying Outside, Arm Triangle(, To Sweep):
This is one of my favorite things to do, and just in terms of self defense, this has gotten me out of a lot of potentially bad situations before, because non-grapplers don't know how to prevent an arm triangle from getting locked in-

1) Opponent throws overhand from guard.

2) Swing Opponent away from you, and pivot your body so that you are now on the outside of his punching arm.

3) Arm Triangle, immediately.

4) Push out opponent's leg, and sweep- land in full mount.

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Mike said...

Hey, thanks for the opportunity to share on your blog. We dig this resource for sure.

If you're interested, here are some other follow ups once the posture is broken and controlled.