Apr 27, 2008

Life Lessons From Martial Arts

Some little things that I've noticed that apply to both fighting and life for everybody:

-Sometimes attacking is a great way to defend.

-The more you pretend to know, the chance that any random Joe will mess with you decreases, but the chance that someone that knows what he or she is doing will call you out on your BS and wreck your shit grows exponentially.

-Position before Submission. (BJJ mantra)

-Being too stubborn to tap out when you should can stroke one's ego, but only indicates a lack of skill and maturity to everyone else watching. It also results in a lot of broken limbs.

-Technique really is more important than strength, but anyone who uses that fact to justify a lack of strength probably doesn't have that great of technique, either.
-Being much smaller or much, much larger really is a big disadvantage. Don't bitch, don't excuse yourself, figure out how to work around it.

-Tradition is not an excuse for stupidity.

-When imposing your will doesn't work against someone, wait until he off-balances himself and just help him fall over instead.

-Up until something is fully locked in, there's always a way out.

-When you're in a dominant position, the guy beneath you will always be trying to make you topple over.


-When you're in a really bad position, don't panic. If you have absolutely no experience in terms of how to react when in said bad position, then panic.

PS- Something that applies to both martial arts and bedroom antics:
-Don't get lazy with your hips. ;)

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Jimmy said...

Great tips/lessons.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Thank you!

Anthony said...

Nice post! You have a lot of great information on BJJ. I will visit often.

Anonymous said...

A great post! Im very much into how martial lessons can apply to life in general. The art of war and book of five rings are some great reads. I have written some articles based on the book of five rings and how the concepts in it, written years ago, can apply to todays martial arts which I feel you may enojoy reading after reading this article. Check it out here Book of Five Rings

Master Po said...

Thanks for the wonderful insights! Like to see more of these!
Watch Kung Fu!

grappler said...

I like "tradition is not excuse for stupidity". That is so true in traditional martial arts. I found this one in aikido a lot, when I studied it

Anonymous said...

the last one is the best =)

...dont get lazy with your hips

Whitey Hudson said...

like the one about tradition and stupidity

Live Oak Martial Arts said...

I think you all should really check out my blog, "UFC: Hitting Below the Belt!"