Apr 21, 2008

Pat Miletich: Escaping the Armbar

Well, I thought this was appropriate in light of the Franklin vs. Lutter fight, where Franklin exhibited one of the finest armbar escapes in MMA history. Fight here: http://punchkickchoke.blogspot.com/2008/04/george-st-pierre-vs-matt-serra-rich.html

Here is Pat Miletich demonstrating how to perform the full version of the armbar escape that Rich Franklin used to escape the also slick armbar attempt by Travis Lutter:


1) As the attacker goes for the armbar, make sure that your hands are locked together in a wrestler's grip (palms together)

2) While in the tug-of-war with your opponent, as he pulls really hard, throw out your arm, pinky up, to the far side of your opponent while throwing your near leg away, spinning out of the armbar.

3) Continue the movement by posting the arm that was being attacked, and passing his legs for side-mount.

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