Apr 4, 2008

"SuperKorean" Denis Kang Demonstrates Basic MMA Techniques

No experienced reader really needs this, but I found a nice simple go-to 'cheat sheet' video by Denis Kang on basic no-Gi MMA submission and sweep techniques. Now, this is nice because Denis does a great job explaining the important parts of the techniques in a short amount of time. So if you're just starting or train exclusively with a Gi and need a quick review of no-Gi techniques, watch these instructionals. (I labeled what each one covers below)

Basic Submissions From Top (Armbar, Arm Triangle, Neck Crack Armbar)


Other Submissions (Keylock from Side Control, Triangle From Guard, Armbar From Guard)


Sweeps and Subs (Hip Bump/Kimura Sweep, Kimura From Guard, Neck Crank From Guard [I haven't seen this one before, but looks good])


And just for kicks, a compilation of Korean MMA Fights



Jimmy said...

Great videos, some of the better instructional technique videos on you tube.

Punch Kick Choke said...

yeah, it's actually relatively (more than you would assume) hard to find good videos on youtube- try expertvillage and revver- I've seen some pretty good short instructionals on there if you're looking for more.