Apr 28, 2008

Well, Crap- My Blog Was Featured on Television (G4 Blogwatch)


So, apparently on Attack of the Show (G4) they had a section on MMA blogs tonight (they had one last year sometime), and along with the three they featured, they recommended Punch Kick Choke as a top pick! They showed screenshots and everything, according to the guy who emailed me about this.

I don't even watch G4 (I wish someone from G4 emailed me so I could've caught it live), but my site was featured on cable TV, and that's just fucking awesome- for trading 10-20 minutes of my day daily to blog about something that I'm more than happy to write about, that's honestly not too shabby.

*Found the Clip!*


Cicy Li said...

Tex sent it to me!!

Anonymous said...


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Ricky said...

that is fucking sick!

Anonymous said...

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