May 23, 2008

Anaconda Choke From Guard

Here's a great choke you can finish from the guard for No-Gi fighting- The Anaconda Choke

To Start

For MMA: Wait for a Punch
For Grappling: Armdrag

Much like taking the back from guard, as soon as you get the arm over, open up your guard and scoot your hips out, grabbing the other side of your opponent to pull yourself up.

Feed your outer arm under his arm and neck, then grab your own bicep for the Figure-4.

Finish the Anaconda Choke as you would a guillotine by falling back, replacing the guard, and squeezing tight.


Remember to continue pushing your opponent down with the arm on the body while you feed your arm through to buy yourself a few milliseconds of time to secure the choke.

Happy training.

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