May 5, 2008

Arm Drag from the Butterfly Guard

Arm Drag From Butterfly Guard (Taking the back with the arm drag)

This is definitely one of the best ways to take someone's back in grappling, as grappling Legend Marcelo Garcia often shows:

This does require a lot of explosiveness and technique, so drill it a lot.

1) From Butterfly Guard, and while you and your opponent are working for position, you grab the opposite side wrist your hand

2) As soon as that happens, shoot and post your leg that is on the side of the wrist that was just grabbed out away from your body. This is essentially creating a pin further away from your body, so that as you start to twist your opponent, that posted foot can react with enough force for the move to work against a resisting opponent.

3) Then you shoot your free hand behind the triceps of the grabbed arm.

4) Instantly pull his shoulder to your shoulder, and using the heel of the non-posted foot, you drive yourself up and around, now driving his shoulder into your chest. Reach around and secure your position.

5) Take the back. (Watch video for many options)


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