May 17, 2008

Arm Throw or Seio Nage, no-Gi

One of my favorite takedowns, but also one of the easiest to counter is the Arm Throw, or Seio Nage in Judo terms. Regardless, it is still important to know, because when used at the right time, it ends with you in side mount.

Essentially, he goes over two variations- the Drop Seoi Nage and the Deep Arm Throw.

While you can watch the video for the drop, I'm going to cover the Deep Arm Throw, because it applies much more easily (not saying the drop can't be used) to MMA and no-Gi grappling.

While in the clinch, and you and your opponent are in a push and shove kind of moment, you wait until he pushes forward to step diagonally across, and wrap his arm over your shoulder and with the side of the neck deep into his elbow. It has to be deep, because you don't have the gi to hold on to like if you were doing this for Judo *pic*.

Note that you're essentially giving him a standing choke, and if he wraps himself around you, you also gave him your back. This is why it's so important for you to wait for this takedown and do it quickly rather than force it at an inopportune time.

As he is now locked up against your body, you use your hips to toss him over like a sack of potatoes. You now have side mount/a step away from a scarf hold.

Happy Training, and as a secondary drill, practice getting the RNC as the counter to this move.
(Wrap other arm around his body, wrap his outside leg with yours, roll him over as you two go down.)

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to share my set up:

Dirty boxing clinch

jab to face, punch to body

shoulder throw

works everytime :)