May 25, 2008

The Art of the Slam -MMA Compilation

This is probably the most painful video I have come across recently-

The Art of the Slam


All of the famous and not so famous UFC and PRIDE slams and takedowns are here, from the Randleman/Fedor suplex, Rampage Jackson/Arona guard slam, Hughes/Trigg walk-around double, Couture/Liddell takedown, and many, many, more.

Watch it and don't cringe too much :)


Anonymous said...

slams ftw. I'm looking to get into MMA atm. Not sure how to get started though.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Well, I'd be lying if I told you that you could learn MMA properly outside of a credible MMA-specific gym.

The important all-important part of MMA is to use high-percentage techniques and arts, and those arts have been long established-

Muay Thai (not Muay Boran or Muay Chaiya)
Kyokushin Karate

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Sub Grappling

Only advice I give on the subject is to be a knowledgeable student by studying all aspects of MMA, but to leave ego out of it, as that's how people get injured and burned out on MA of any kind.

If you really can't put together the scratch to enroll in a good bjj/judo/sambo/kb/mt school, you can at the very least find some willing friends and put together a club to practice with the books and instructions found everywhere these days- you guys just have to follow these basic rules:

1) Don't go 100% EVER in an unsupervised environment, even in sparring.

2) Don't tell people that you "train in MMA" or that you're a cagefighter. That's incredibly disrespectful to those who do put the time, effort, and money into actually learning to fight.

Hope that helped.

Anonymous said...

Yah I'm starting to rebuild my endurance that I lost after 2 yrs of inactivity. I think the closest school to my house ( I don't have a car atm). Is Creg Jackson's but I imagine that place is packed.

Punch Kick Choke said...

You mean Greg Jackson's in New Mexico?

Even it is packed, it just means more great training partners for you to spar with. If that's the closest one to you, that is probably the best choice.

Go for it.