May 3, 2008

Attacking the Open Guard- Kneebar + Calf Crush

This Sambo attack sequence is just plain awesome.

Kneebar + Calf Crush (Remix Dojo)

Now, they don't do a very good job of explaining this, but it's not too complicated-

- Attack with the kneebar by shooting your knee diagonally through your opponent's open guard.

- With a good grip on the leg, use your semi-extended inside leg to hook under the knee of his opposite leg during the roll-through.

- Throw your outside leg to catch on top of the foot of the leg you have hooked.

- Lock your feet together, arch your hips, pull back, and extend your legs for a kneebar and calf crush combination that is really painful.

What did I say? That move is just made of win. :)

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