May 27, 2008

BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk - UFC 84 *EDIT* Now With Commentary

UFC 84: Ill Will - LW Championship Bout

BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk

My thoughts on the fight:

Very poor tries at takedowns by Sherk- Starting from the first one, just a spattering of non-fully committed takedown attempts that Penn just easily defends throughout the fight. Wrestlers in MMA take note: that is what happens when you are so wary of your opponent's ground skills and takedown defense that you end up waiting too long for the perfect shot/the other guy to tire out (like Rogan mentions), or you shoot in at a bad time then get sprawled on and/or eat a punch. Look at Chuck Liddell's older fights if you need proof of this.

I know BJ is actually known for having little grenades for hands, but the jab? Jesus, his precision has gotten even better. Call it boring, call it "pulling a Machida," but that was darn smart, especially considering...

Unlike most people I believe Sherk's biggest mistake wasn't the lack of takedown attempts, but rather his choice in range. He he had either stayed deep in the danger zone (like he did initially at round 2) or further away, he wouldn't have been chipped away, and would have actually had a chance to punish Penn in close, or to make set up a takedown properly from just a step further away. Instead, he hopped in and out to strike at Penn constantly, eating a stiff jab/cross knuckle sandwich each time. I feel like he overestimated the length of his T-Rex arms.

Actually, the hop in, short 1-2 combinations shown by both guys made me feel like I was watching two drunken Jeet Kune Do practitioners f'ing around with each other on a Saturday night.

Sherk was just looking foolish in the clinch. I mean, you can attribute that to BJ being great in the clinch, and the height advantage, but come on. Baby Hughes was just not looking like himself... *insert inappropriate steroid joke here*

But going back to the point of striking, if Sherk had loosened up a bit a threw more leg kicks like the one he threw near the beginning of the fight, instead of trying to rely on that strong left hook of his, he might have stood more of a chance.

The beginning of the last round was I believe a reaction from realizing that he had gotten cut and was getting swollen by Penn. I don't know if any of you have boxed, but get punched in a swollen spot is right in between sitting on a pile of fire ants and getting a rusty spoon scraped across your nipples in terms of pleasantness. Good idea to come out swinging harder for Sherk, regardless of results.

Near the end of the third, the thing that really sealed the deal was the non-committed right hand of Sherk. He was throwing it in a way that even I wouldn't be scared of.

Jesus, what an exciting finish to the third round. LOL at Penn licking the blood off his gloves again like he did after the Stevenson fight.

Sean's face made me think about all the Rocky movies. Jeez.

Penn looks damn good. I hope that he continues feeling as dedicated as he is, and I can't wait for him to take another crack at GSP sometime in the future with the same attitude. That way, Penn and GSP fans alike will be able to catch what may be one of the best fights in MMA history.

And that was my late commentary.


Doc. Sin said...

there are better blogs to see the latest ufc

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Punch Kick Choke said...

Sorry- I've been extremely busy today and yesterday, and ufc 84 just happened, so I just put the fights up.

I'll get my comments up when I finally get home later today.

My apologies


Anonymous said...

HEY! Don't hate on him- everywhere else had the fight deleted before i finally saw it here.

Keep it up man, and I'll read your comments as you put them up!

Anonymous said...

holy shit you took that first comment seriously.

"punched in a swollen spot is right in between sitting on a pile of fire ants and getting a rusty spoon scraped across your nipples in terms of pleasantness."

I lol'd.