May 24, 2008

Failed Scissors Sweep to Calf Slicer Combo

An absolutely slick combination -> Calf Slicer/Calf Crush/Leg Slicer from Failed Scissors

Once you're past a white belt level of grappling, the scissors sweep is pretty easy to defend against, most often done just by posting out and widening your base. This technique takes full advantage of that.

Note- if your opponent doesn't base out, you should just continue the sweep. Don't undercommit to the sweep just because you don't think it's going to work- doing so may just make your opponent not react the way you want, and may very well just end up with you getting your guard passed and your day ruined.

Set-up: Go for the scissors sweep - get the hooks in with your feet, and try to get mount.

Reaction: Opponent senses danger, posts out to prevent the sweep.

Attack: You let go of the hooks, and you feed the foot that was posted on the ground through the opposite leg, while sitting up and pull him across, almost as if to take the back.

Grab the far ankle and roll forward.

Triangle your legs and finish the slicer. Wait for tap.

I'm going to have to try this today.


I'd like to get some user input on the following questions-
Once again, you can either comment here or shoot me an email at

How many times do you train a month?

What is your style?

Favorite Submission or Technique?

Favorite fighter?

Do you enjoy my blog, or feel that there should be some changes?

And finally...
What does martial arts mean to you?


Thank you all for reading my stupid and uninsightful writing :)


Anonymous said...

How many times do you train a month?

What is your style?

Favorite Submission or Technique?

Favorite fighter?
BJ Penn

Do you enjoy my blog, or feel that there should be some changes?
More Guard Passes! Harder Techniques!

And finally...
What does martial arts mean to you?
Choking a guy 'til he turns blue.

Anonymous said...

1) How many times do you train for week???

At least 3.

2) Style...

BJJ, I did Judo before, maybe I"ll go to Judo sometimes this years to remember some techniques.

3) Favorite Submission or Technique???


4) Favorite Fighter???

Just one???????

Minotauro, Bj Penn too but I didn"t wanto repeat.

5) I love the blog, maybe a guide for begginers and o course more downloads JAJAJAJA.

6) What does Martial arts mean to you???

Enjoy studying and practicing a combat discipline but always in a polite way with your partner.
And destroy all the Mc Dojos on the planet.

Keep the good work.


Dave said...

Train 1 to 4 times a week, including teaching 1 night...over a month, that makes roughly 10? I do IsshinRyu karate with judo in the curriculum.

Favorite technique is kata gatame, with all its variations (I'd never seen anaconda until your post)--as a hold, as a choke, standing, grappling...

I love pre-Steroids Royce. What a classy guy. Blog rocks. Martial arts are everything: friends, fitness, community, self-defense, and an intellectual pursuit to chew on.

Punch Kick Choke said...

thank you all for the responses via email and here on the blog- I may put up a few questions and requests occasionally, so keep reading :)

Trip said...

1) 4x month
2) Judo
3) Uchi Mata
4) Karo Parisyan
6) Ippon!