May 7, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko - Combat Sambo President's Cup 2008

This is essentially a "Let's break down a Sambo match a little bit so we can all learn from them" post.

As usual, I copy/pasted my notes as I was watching this match:

Some good knees by Fedor in the clinch.

The important part: Check out Fedor's footwork- it's wide, but it's efficient. He's staying in the middle, controlling the center of the ring to make sure that the guy trying to circle around him cant.

Check out near the 4:40 mark- Fedor uses his hips so well for the whizzer to mount transition. Also, despite the fact that he didn't pull it off, check out how he transitioned to the armbar. I see far too many people not being able to pull off the armbar from mount because they can't distribute their weight properly and end up getting thrown off. On the other hand, excellent job by the other guy defending it.

I feel that Fedor starts to fall apart here a little bit.

Excellent guard pull to reversal by the other guy at the 6:15 mark.

...Then AGAIN at the 6:50 mark- he also takes Fedor's back! Kudos for preventing the roll out.

He tries again at the 7:50 mark, but I think Fedor's gotten extremely wary of the reversal by this point.

Very sloppy takedown by Fedor at 8:12, ends up with him turtling and getting punched.

End of the Match. Fedor might have won 5:1, but it sure wasn't decisive. Only thing I can say about Fedor over the other guy in this match- Fedor's standing base is just so incredibly solid. I wish I had that kind of stability.

Another Fedor fight from the 2008 Cup -
Against Korea's Lee Sang Soo - Fedor's a little more dominant in this one against a Sambo fighter that prefers to strike.

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