May 29, 2008

Finishing the Kimura from the Half Guard (Recounter - Grabbing the Pants)

Stephan Kesting from shows us how to finish the Kimura in half guard when the opponent decides to grab his pant leg.

Now, I don't really ever expect this to happen in a no-Gi match, unless the guy you are going up against has some serious weight management issues and can grab his leg fat jelly rolls to do the same.

Also, since your opponent's counter depends on his gripping of the gi/pants, you'll most likely be able to brute force the finish 75% of the time- this technique is for that remaining 25%.

This Kimura finish relies on using your opponent's reactions to your motions against him.

Mr. Kesting explains this better in the video than I ever could, but here goes:

-You try to finish the Kimura, opponent grabs pant leg

-You try to initially brute force to finish, but your opponent's grip strength is pretty impressive.

-Thus begins the recounter- you start shoving his hand inwards, a direction that your opponent should know that you can't finish from.

-You relax, giving your opponent a false sense of security.

-Then, with explosive force, you rip his hand out, and finish the Kimura.

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