May 1, 2008

Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni Strikeforce + Full Analysis

One of my favorite fights from last year, Frank Shamrock vs. Phil "The New York Badass" Baroni (video)

Something I don't do very often for fight videos here on the blog- a round by round analysis of the fight:

Round 1
Baroni tried to end it quick, but Shamrock played it smart and avoided getting clipped hard, even showing a little flair with his head movement. Shamrock even nearly ended the fight there in the first with a punch that took Baroni's knees out from under him. Unfortunately for Shamrock, he decides to punch Baroni in the head, which get him stood up, with a point deducted.

Baroni keeps at it, and takes Frank down, but takes some damage on the way. I have to say that sadly enough for Baroni, Shamrock actually out punched him from closed guard, which i find just hilarious. After getting the fight back on the feet, Baroni tries to single leg Shamrock, which just ends with Shamrock nearly taking the back and getting some good ground and pound in. Baroni escapes back to his feet, but just gets wailed on by Shamrock, who is taunting him the whole time. The round ends with a takedown and a stallout in guard.

Round 2
The second round starts with some fun stand up from the two, who seem slightly tired at this point. Shamrock gets a lot of good shots and knees in, while Baroni gets some good body blows of his own. In the end, though- Shamrock totally outclasses Baroni, and forces him to go for a sloppy takedown, for the beginning of the end... Shamrock sprawls, takes the back, and chokes out the New York Badass... and by "chokes out," I mean PTFO.

Best part to this fight?

Baroni tested positive for steroids after this fight. That's right- he 'roided and lost.
Shamrock had blown out his knee in training right before the fight.

Shamrock is still a showboating jackass, but this fight was just too much fun to watch to not give him props. Now, on the other side of the whole thing, watch Frank get his arm broken by Cung Le in his last fight :)

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Anonymous said...

Baroni was on steroids for the fight?

Jesus- I was not aware of this