May 6, 2008

The Functional Half Guard - Free Instructional (Over an Hour Long)

A BJJ instructional by Indrek Reiland and Jorgen Matsi. Offered free with their permission by Aesopian of Bullshido Fame. Covers the basics of half guard top and bottom.

This is probably the best thing related to BJJ, MMA, or anything else MA related I've found EVER.




Basic Positioning

Stay on your side
Isolation: paw vs crossface
Triangling the legs
Returning to closed guard
Isolation: adding the guard return
Double paw
Defending the brabo choke
Isolation: adding the double paw
Isolation: adding the wedge
Behind the back arm trapping + sweep
Isolation: adding the arm trapping
On teaching basic positions and isolated drilling

Basic Techniques

Two ways of taking the back
Toe grab sweep
Isolation: adding toe grab sweep
Sweeps off the wedge
- Going out the backdoor
- Grab pants sweep
When to teach half guard, the more advanced games and the basics

Half Guard Top

Basic goal - crossface and turning out
Safety position 1
- Down by hips to negate the underhook
- Pinching knees to prevent the guard return
- Cupping elbow to negate the paw
- Head in landing pad to flatten them out
- Isolation: safety position
- Importance of head position
Brabo choke
Safety position 2
Why not to kill the paw with a knee
Isolation: safety positions and whizzer
Basic goal in detail
- Crossface
- Turning out
- Hand on hip
Gi grips
- Shoulder lockdown
- Face covering
Passing off their bridge
Passing to mount
Passing to side control
Passing to side control or mount
Isolation: passes
Hip switch pass
Isolation: Review of passing drills
Putting the whole passing game together

Closing and Thanks

Give some love as well as Indrek Reiland (Aliveness Gym Estonia (Straight Blast Gym))


Anonymous said...

This really helps, after the first 45 minutes I learnt something that made better my game in my last class, thank you.

I think half guard is very important and should be teach from the begining.

Punch Kick Choke said...

I agree, and I believe Eddie Bravo agrees as well- Even the person with the tightest guard game will get passed sooner or later, and they have to know what to do.

Glad you got something out of this.

Miguel said...

This is an awesome video and I have implemented some of its contents into my lesson plan for my classes.

Mike Castro