May 5, 2008

George St. Pierre vs. Sean Sherk (UFC)

George "Rush" St. Pierre vs. Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk

Why am I putting up this fight?

Because I believe that BJ Penn has Sherk's number as long as he initiates the takedowns. Sherk is just like a more compact and weaker version of Matt Hughes, and as we know, Penn can hold his own against Hughes. Like most wrestlers, Sherk is definitely weakest on his back, and as this fight as well as the GSP vs. Matt Hughes fight shows, these incredibly talented and strong wrestlers as taken completely out of their element when someone beats them to the takedown.

I'm not saying that Sherk holds no chance against Penn, because that is definitely not the case- Sherk is definitely one of the cardio beasts out there (insert steroid jokes here)- Will BJ's cardio be able to stand against Sherk's? Will BJ be able to take down Sherk/avoid Sherk's takedowns? Will "Baby Hughes" be able to land on top and stall out to a decision? Will BJ break Sherk's nose like GSP did?

Regardless of all of this, it's going to be one hell of a fight- BJ and Sean are just the Kryptonite of each other. I'm still betting on Penn.

...and just because.

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lol- that picture is just plain awesome