May 19, 2008

Knees and Takedown from Thai Clinch, Ryan Schultz

IFL Fighter Ryan Schultz, best known for beating down fighting prodigy Chris Horodecki, demonstrates a thai clinch fighting technique that ends with you kneeing your opponent in the face, then taking him down.

My usual rundown of the technique:

After you grab your opponent in the Thai clinch and with the crown of his head in your grasp, you pull him in and toward one side.

When he resists, you switch off on him, switching from clinch to pushing is head and body off to the side, off balancing him and giving you enough time to land a solid knee to the head.

Also, with that, you have a simple double leg wide open for you on the other side of the body.

When it comes to striking techniques, my personal view has always been KISS (Keep it simple, stupid), and this series of moves is wonderfully put together.

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