May 14, 2008

Leg Lock Transitions

I'm a little too tired from practice yesterday to write out a full entry, but I will say that while focusing on leg locks yesterday during rolling, I caught 4 ankle locks and 2 heel hooks. I was proud of myself.

Anyway, here is a wonderful video on transitioning from leg lock to leg lock. I feel that these kind of videos are useful to just about everyone, because it opens up many options or remind people that they can transition out of a failed move, or how to deal with things that your opponent might do.

One of the first things he goes over, finishing the ankle lock when the opponent rolls over- very important for anyone who is not familiar with ankle locks- roll with him! I must have finished 1/2 of those locks yesterday while they were trying to roll out of it.

He covers getting either a ankle lock or a heelhook from
-vanilla ankle lock
-north south transition to mount
-guard, opponent standing

Good amount of information packed into a short video.

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