May 8, 2008

Minotauro Nogueira MMA BJJ Instructional

Big Nog, Antonio Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira, shows us, in this awesome instructional, some of his ground techniques for kicking ass in MMA.

While the announcer speaks in Japanese, Minotauro speaks in English- don't worry.
This instructional does a wonderful job of breaking everything down, showing multiple angles, and taking you step by step to realtime. Thank you, Mr. Nogueira.


My favorites here are...

Tech #1 Omoplata Control to Footlock (The Mir Footlock)
This was the technique that Frank Mir used to sub Tank Abbott a few years back- that was definitely awesome.

Tech #2 Transition from #1 - Taking the Back from Omoplata Control to Rear Mount Armbar
This is just so slick- the hardest part is how he ties up his opponent's hands and transitions over the head to get to a position to pull off the armbar. Also keep in mind how he bars his right leg over the opponent's hips to get his left over his opponent's head while maintaining control.

Tech #5 Kimura to Sweep
This really basic, but he shows how to perform this move perfectly.

Tech #6 Kimura to Taking the Back to Rear Naked Choke
The thing to keep in mind here is how smoothly he goes from a Kimura attempt to pulling the arm over his head to get to the back. Other than that, it's pretty basic stuff to get to the Rear Naked Choke.

Tech #7 Stopping the GNP with your Legs to Triangle Choke
This isn't as much practical to beginners as it is a goal to be working towards in terms of accuracy and control with your legs, but it sure looks awesome.

Tech #11 Takedown Counter- Sprawl to Anaconda Choke
Once again, pretty basic, but something everyone should know.

Overall, this is just an excellent video, and with great step-by-step instruction and great explanations, it is a must-watch.

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killer88 said...

that was a great find!

I still remember that Frank Mirr fight against Abbott- that was just awesome!

My other fav Mir submission:

It's the open guard shoulder crank that he used on Pete Williams

keep up the good work! and kudos for the g4tv spot! I watched on tv, and actually turned to my friend and went "hey, I subscribe to that blog!"

I'm such a dork, but regardless, I love your site!