May 4, 2008

The Neck Crank (Can Opener)

Although I don't use this very often, the Can Opener (Basic Neck Crank) is a very simple submission that can also be used as a very effective way to set up a guard pass.

Video (Submissions 101)

-Your opponent has you in a very tight guard

-You get your arms inside

-With your elbows tight together, you grip behind his head and start to torque it towards you, cranking his neck

-If he doesn't tap, more times than not, he will at least unhook his legs, which you can use to immediately go for a guard pass.

-This move is dangerous, so apply with care.

-If you are going to use it, watch out for the armbar.
(Note: I've just seen far too many grip break to arm-drag to armbar counters)

-The easiest counter to this move is to post your hands into the sternum of the person using this on you and stiff-arming them while extending your legs.

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