May 30, 2008

Omoplata/Shoulder Lock from Octopus Guard

Eduardo Telles shows us his Octopus Guard Omoplata. Note that in this case, omoplata is just referring to a shoulder lock.

Set-up for Octopus guard:
Armdrag, Reach out diagonally with far arm, Post arm on back.
It's like a stronger, less likely version of the Sit-up Guard the BJ Penn uses.

Now, once you maintain Octopus guard (and say that you don't want to risk the back transition, and your opponent seems a little overzealous in trying to escape. Then the submissions is the easy part- you wait for him to try and reach around to throw you back into the normal guard. Since he doesn't have leverage, you grab that arm, bend it in, and get the shoulder lock.

Personal note:
I would personally train this drill as something to use in the scramble after a failed taking the back transition. Once you get to that position, especially in no-Gi, your opponent is not going to smoothly and calmly give you his arm. So this is a move you should learn to break out in an instant, or not at all, IMHO.


1 comment:

tom said...

good call on the training tip-
I'm no Eduardo Telles, but for me it's kind of silly to imagine that I would intentionally get to that position without attempting to take the back, so I guess it would be good in the case of a blocked attempt.

keep up the good work!