May 15, 2008

Open Guard and Butterfly Guard Pass - JJ Machado

Jean Jacques Machado, whom I credit with making people understand how important over and underhooks are in the grappling game, and eventually leading to Eddie Bravo and his no-Gi insanity, shows us a stupid simple guard pass meant for the open guard, but it with the first step modified, also meant for the butterfly guard.

1 - (Open Guard)
Jump in, hike his ankles under you, and use your legs to hug his shins together

1 - (Butterfly Guard)
Negate your opponent's butterfly hooks by squeezing them together, arms at the knees.

2 - Push the knees over to one side, and pass the guard.

I did say it was simple.

Make sure you maintain pressure on those legs, as you don't want your opponent to get to or get back to the butterfly guard.

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