May 9, 2008

Shinya Aoki in Judo Competition + Aoki Standing Arm Break

One of my favorite fighters in the world, Shinya 'Magic Pants' Aoki in Judo Competition

His ability to pull of flying armbars left and right in high-level Judo competitions over the years just leaves me in awe. Aoki is just an absolute grappling badass.

...And because I got a request for it, here is Shinya Aoki vs Keith Wisniewski
(Shooto Middleweight Bout)

This was the fight in which Aoki snaps an arm in half from the clinch.

From both videos- you can tell he really likes the right side forward off-base position in the clinch, even in no-gi. Extremely offensive in grappling style, I absolutely love Aoki. Watch both videos!

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