May 31, 2008

The (Shoulder) Von Flue Choke

I was watching the Von Flue vs. Karalexis fight yesterday, and I realized I had never covered the "Von Flue" Choke- I know there are variations of the name, but everyone seems to recognize that one more often.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the end of the Jason Von Flue vs Alex Karalexis fight:

There are a couple of uses for this choke, but generally, it's for when you escape your opponent's guillotine attempt into side control/your opponent holds on to your head for dear life via headlock with you across-side.

The Submssions101 crew guides you through this slow-acting but effective choke:

The sequence shown:
-Opponent attempts standing guillotine

-You wrap far arm over shoulder to relieve pressure, then circle around opponent to drop him.

-With the far arm now under his neck, and you in side control, your opponent refuses to let go.

-Feed the far arm as deep in as possible, roll him towards you a little bit (by attempting to posture up), get your hands together in a gable/wrestler's grip, and hold tight.

-As you are essentially reversing a traditional arm triangle, you, sprawl, then move your body towards his head as you dip and drive your shoulder into him. Flex your bicep to finish, and wait a few seconds for the tap.

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