May 22, 2008

Something I picked up from rolling yesterday (Personal Sparring Notes)

I decided it would be a good idea to test out my technique with a near-useless right arm (infection drained the hell out of it) yesterday, and I had some things to note. Note, most of this is really beginner stuff, I just wanted to make some notes.

When tired, an armbar is a much better option than trying to finish a Rear Naked Choke against a guy who is tenaciously defending it in Rear Mount.

Also, when you have the back and you're exhausted, roll the opponent to one side and triangle his body (try to hide your feet behind his back)- it's absolutely exhausting to maintain the hooks against someone explosively bridging and rolling all the time. Also, dont forget to switch sides for the triangle if he manages to roll over (don't want your feet on the ground when you have a body triangle)

When in half-guard top, it's not a bad idea to just try to roll your opponent to take his back immediately before your opponent even gets a chance to break your posture.

When you want to finish a fight quickly in guard top, pretend to pass, and just viciously attack the legs

When in half-guard bottom, and your arms are tired, lockdown (grapevine the leg) and just wait for the foot to come to you for the sweep instead of forcing the action.

In guard top and mount top, crossfacing is your friend.

Being in an armbar stalemate sucks. Just rip your opponent a new one with a bicep slicer.

Being exhausted and having no strength in your arms really does makes you think about technique, so for all of you budding grapplers (actually, this rings true with any Martial Art and Sport), get that one extra sparring session in when you're in class and you're beat to all hell, maybe even against a completely fresh guy. You'll get so much sharper, you'll learn the proper times to relax and breathe during a fight, and the jump in endurance will really pay off in the end.

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