May 11, 2008

Tito Ortiz vs. Wanderlei Silva (UFC)

Old School Match - Tito Ortiz vs. Wanderlei Silva for what I believe was a vacant Light Heavyweight Championship title at UFC 25 in Japan.

A few notable things:
Yes, for those unfamiliar with MMA before TUF, Wanderlei had 3 UFC bouts before becoming a PRIDE superstar

I love how they traded near-KOs at the end of the first/beginning of the second.

Tito's takedowns used to be superb- I'm actually really curious to see how he fares against Machida. I'm saying either Machida by 2nd round KO or Tito by decision (Lay and Pray... like this fight.)

Nice attempt at a sweep there at the 6:34 mark by Silva

I keep telling people this, but Silva looks like a serial rapist. It's scary.

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