May 9, 2008

Wagnney Fabiano vs. L.C. Davis - IFL 2007 WGP Finals

The first IFL Featherweight championship match, Wagnney Fabiano vs. L.C. Davis - WGP Finals 2007

I saw this fight on TV yesterday, and knew that I had to get this video up-

It's not just one thing I want to point out here- look for these in the fight (in order):

-Perfect inside leg pick takedown by Fabiano

-Great initial defending of the Mount transition by Davis as well as initial Mounted defense.

-Good scramble by Davis to get out of a bad position, and Kudos to Fabiano for not trying to force the initial armbar and knowing that he had to stand up.

-As ugly as it was, great job getting the second inside leg pick from that clinch position by Fabiano

-The final guard pass to full side control was well done by Fabiano. Bad choice to go with half-butterfly for Davis.

-Watch the fight and tell me that was not one of the slickest armbar applications EVER in mma. That was just absolutely sick by Fabiano. He should make the Gracies proud.

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