May 21, 2008

X-Guard Sweep to Armbar

X-Guard is synonymous with one thing for many grapplers- Sweeps.
Today, here is the go-to sweep for when your opponent tripods himself to prevent the usual spread and underhook sweep.

Note- The Armbar in this video is more or less a secondary move- the point here is to achieve a side mount via X-Guard.

In X-Guard, after you spread your opponent's legs to the point that he can't maintain base, he will often try to prevent the sweep by posting on his far arm.

Pull his upper body towards you, an overhook on the far arm, and preferably an underhook on the closer side.

Pull down on the upper body, then explosively push up and out with your legs to complete the sweep.

Secure Side Mount, or go for the Armbar like the video shows.

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