Jun 17, 2008

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructional Video - Renzo Gracie and Craig Kukuk

Well, before I go on, an important message:
I will be in St. Louis until the 23rd- I may not be able to post during the week- Don't be alarmed when there's no new post daily.

That being said, I found some recommended viewing to take my place for the next couple of days:


Volume 1. Beginning Armlocks.
Volume 2. Advanced Armlock
Volume 3. Escape from the Bottom
Volume 4. Escape from the Headlock
Volume 5. The Guard
Volume 6. Defending the Mount
Volume 7. Beginning Chokes
Volume 8. Advanced Chokes
Volume 9. The Mounted Position
Volume 10. Passing the Guard
Volume 11. Takedowns and the Clinch.

An Excerpt from Volume 2: Advanced Armlocks


Jesus, Renzo used to be so much skinnier.

The moves shown are done slowly and then done with some level of resistance afterwards. Very well put together, and while it seems to be lacking in production value, the way it is presented is very effective.

So, watch the video, and if you like it, download the torrent from the link above or buy the dvd.

And with that, while I may be able to post while I'm over there, don't expect anything- so don't unsubscribe just yet!


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