Jun 16, 2008

Can Opener (Neck Crank) Counter to Triangle Choke

Someone who didn't have much experience with submissions casually remarked to me 3 or 4 months ago that he once broke free of that "my-head-and-arm-between-figure-four'd-legs" choke, or as we know it, the Triangle Choke, with a "Guillotine" of some sort.

Now, as you might figure, I was intrigued. Naturally, I asked him to try it on me, and he told me that I could continue to try and slap on submissions on him, because he was confident they weren't that effective compared to his ability to beat people just by strength. I didn't doubt that he could probably just straight up muscle his way out of any poorly slapped on choke or lock, but at that point, I was kind of curious to see if I could control him.

So I stick him in my open guard, feet posted on his hips, and we start. He essentially just gives me the triangle, and despite the fact that I know that he's expecting it, I just pull my leg through and slap it on without controlling his trapped arm first- suddenly, he rocks me forward and catches me with a can opener. I had never seen/remembered seeing a can opener applied outside of guard top, so I was surprised. Letting go, he started to get up, but I managed to pull an armbar immediately afterwards, and I got the tap. He was surprised and learned to respect the jits from that moment on, but more importantly, I had just added another simple but effective weapon to my arsenal at that point, so I was plenty happy that he had broken out of my Triangle.

That being said, here is that exact same move- the Can Opener Escape to the Triangle Choke. (Submissions101)


-Your opponent has the Triangle Choke on you

-You maintain a tight grip around his near leg to prevent the finish

-On your knees, lift up and forward to rock him back on his shoulders, and to being him closer to your hands

-Unclasp, and grip behind his head with his hips still elevated

-Pull back to get the Neck Crank

*Opponent likely opens legs to relieve pressure, freeing you from the choke*

-Pass the guard


Anonymous said...

Interesting defense but I have a question. Couldn't the person applying the triangle easily get some wrist control and stop the can-opener before it begins?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Well, if the person trying to apply the can opener was going as slow as the demonstration (to prevent any injury), it would probably be easily countered, however, when you actually apply it, it would be a quick jump in to get the triangle release, which would make it much harder to stop.

For me, it's usually a can opener to caveman combination triangle escape.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for posting this. Just last week someone went for the can-opener to escape my triangle and seeing the inside arm extended, I just rotated my hips and the armbar was right there. It's a nice move to add to the arsenal.

Great site. I plan to visit frequently.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yes, it's best to try it quickly or just let go for something else- the can opener done slowly is just asking to get your arm attacked in some way.

Hope you continue to like the blog :)