Jun 30, 2008

The Cobra Choke from Open Guard and Mount

Here's a move I saw a few weeks ago while skimming through Karo Paryisan's "Judo for MMA" Book- The Cobra Choke, something I would consider an intermediate level no-Gi choke. While it works in submissions grappling, in MMA ,I find that it is extremely hard at time when your opponent isn't completely exhausted, mostly due to the gloves.

From the Sit-Up Open Guard


Personally, I see a good opening for this choke after getting taken down by a low single leg, where your opponent still has his head near your upper leg, but I guess that's not the important bit-


-Make him press into you by pressing your right forearm into his right shoulder.

-Release, get your right hand on his right shoulder near his neck. Turn your right palm toward you.

-At the same time, bring your left hand over, slap him down at the neck, and use your open right hand to grab that left wrist.

-Grasp behind his neck with your left hand and pull his head into your chest near your right armpit.

-Lift your right elbow to sink your right forearm under his chin and into his neck.

-Use your left palm to press his head low into the choke for the tap.

-If his chin is in the way, crank him and flip him over for mount.

From Mount


Well, this was the version I stumbled on while reading Karo's book-

Instead of going over it here, the guys at lockflow.com have done a great job breaking it down step by step with pictures:


Go out there and try it out :)

...Oh, and be careful with the possible neck crank with the finish.

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