Jun 28, 2008

Common BJJ Mistakes + Reader Contribution Time!

I stumbled on another pair of videos by Submissions101 regarding common mistakes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-

Common Mistakes in BJJ #1


Common Mistakes in BJJ #2


Video #1: Position Before Submission

Americana From Guard Top
-No leverage, and opens you up to a number of submissions and reversals.

Pushing Up From Mount Bottom
-Armbar. Duh.

Being Too Stiff On Mount Top
-You worked so hard to get that mount- Don't waste it by being too stiff and getting Upa'd like a 2 week white belt.

Not Having The Hooks In For RNC
-No control of the legs = Lots of escapes available.

Video #2: Breathe, Relax, and Don't Cross Those Feet

Holding Your Breath
-Unless you like being tired and easily reversed, breathe and don't be so stiff.

Crossing The Ankles
-It's a little embarrassing to get tapped out when you have the back. It's kind of surprising how many people still do this.

Sure, this is all basic, meant for beginners and whatnot, but it got me thinking:


What is the most embarrassing/funniest thing you've ever been tapped out by?

Here's mine:

I was scraped in the eye while trying to escape from an inverted triangle.
Scraped by stiff, recently cut leg hair. God that was painful.


Anonymous said...

a double armbar. -_-

Punch Kick Choke said...

Hey now, getting caught in a double armbar is nothing to be ashamed of. :)

Dave said...

I tapped from the bottom of half-guard. Guy on top extended his legs for the semi-lame ankle lock. I had no idea what was going on.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Wait, what? Did he have a double triangle (Lockdown) on you?

Blair said...

Someone in my class once tapped because the guy he was fighting farted on his face while applying a triangle from full mount.